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Southern Cross
TNT Southern Cross Television

TNT9 Launceston started 26 May 1962. It had used versions of GTV9 and the Nine Network's logos.
In 1982 it merged with TVT6 Hobart to create Tas TV. TNT9 was known as Tas TV North.
In May 1988, Tricom Corporation (now Southern Cross Broadcasting) bought out the North side.
On the 9 September 1988 TNT8 King Island opened and relayed TNT9.
On the 1 January 1989 TNT separated from Tas TV and took on the name Southern Cross Network.
In 1993 the name changed to Southern Cross Television.
On the 28 April 1994 Tasmania was aggregated. Southern Cross expanded into Southern Tasmania and took on affiliation with both Seven and Ten.
Although being an affiliate of Seven and Ten, from 1997 Southern Cross started using versions of Seven Network's idents.
In 2000 Southern Cross re-vamped to a new original look, but still with 'hints' of Channel 7.
The Tasmanian Tiger logo was dropped on 19 June 2005 as Southern Cross Broadcasting inflicted their new star logo across all of its nationwide media assets.

Thanks to Andrew Bayley for these logos.