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Southern Cross Ten
CTC Australian Capital Television

CTC7 started on 2 June 1962 servicing Canberra. It was not long before transmitters were placed in Goulburn and Cooma, relaying CTC7, both on channel 10.
Kerry Stokes owned the station until 1987, when he sold it Charles Currans, who renamed the station Capital Television in 1988. The station had a version of the then current Ten Network logo, and was getting ready for aggregation.
When aggregation came in 1989, Capital Television was the affiliate of Ten, and using a version of Ten's then current logo. That year the station expanded to Wollongong, but it was few years before the rest of Southern NSW was covered. The call-sign for all new stations was CTC.
In 1990 Capital took on an original new logo.
In late 1994 Capital Television was taken over by Southern Cross Broadcasters, who changed all on-screen identification to Network Ten's standard graphics. The stations name changed to Ten Capital, and a logo with the Ten logo and the word 'Capital' in the same font as the previous logo was introduced, although this logo is rarely seen on-air.
On Thursday 22 November 2001, Southern Cross Broadcasting axed almost all of its local news bulletins, including Ten Capital News, after almost 40 years serving Canberra. Ten Capital then took the Sydney bulletin at 5pm.
In 2002 the name gradually changed to Southern Cross Ten.
As part of the Southern Cross Broadcasting rebrand of all its media assets to the new Southern Cross star logo, all Southern Cross Ten stations adopted the new blue and gold logo on Sunday, 14 August 2005.

The Entertainment Network
This was the last local identification of Capital before Southern Cross Broadcasters rebranded the station the same as Network Ten. This ID is a version of the then current Network Ten ID anyway, so the change would not have been great on-air except that the ID would have then ended with the Ten logo.
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All audio-visual items available for download on this webpage remain copyright of Southern Cross Broadcasting.
Special thanks to Evan Davies for the ident, and Andrew Bayley for the early CTC-7 logos.