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Early logos for BCV8/10 during the 1960's

Television Centre Victoria
The TCV name was used to market BCV, STV and GLV together to advertisers, however was never used on-air.








Southern Cross Ten
GLV-BCV Victorian Broadcasting Network

GLV-10 Gippsland (which became 8 in 1980) started 23 December 1961 (the first regional TV station). BCV-8 Bendigo opened soon after, with a translator in Swan Hill begining on channel 10.
STV-8 Mildura opened 27 November 1965, and was owned by Elliot Newspapers. It was later sold to Sunraysia Television.
These 3 stations came together to create Southern Cross TV8 in 1982. In 1989 it became known as the Southern Cross Network.
Southern Cross lost STV-8 Mildura after Alan Bond traded it for STW9 Perth, then sold it to ENT Limited, where it became part of VIC TV.
By 1990, translatters for GLV8 had been started in Toora Forest (channel 6), Orbost (channel 7) and Lakes Entrance (channel 11). Between 1990 and 1992, a GLV translatter at Cann River on channel 9 began.
In 1992 Victoria was aggregated, and Southern Cross became the affiliate for Ten. In 1993 the name changed to SCN and the logo became a version of Ten's. Six months later in May 1994 the station became known as Ten Victoria, losing all its local IDs to generic Network Ten ones.
In March 2002 the name changed to Southern Cross Ten.
As part of the Southern Cross Broadcasting rebrand of all its media assets to the new Southern Cross star logo, all Southern Cross Ten stations adopted the new blue and gold logo on Sunday, 14 August 2005.

This was the last local ID used by Southern Cross in Victoria before it was rebranded the same as Network Ten. The fly-over scene in this ID looks like it was based on the Southern Cross ID used before it (below). The music in this ID is the same as the music to the then current Network Ten ident.
247KB Signpost & Commonwealth Games ID
These idents were used from 1991 to 1993. Two different versions were used, each with different music. The 1st Version was also used by Southern Cross in Tasmania, since Tricom Corporation owned both stations.
256KB 1st Version
544KB 2nd Version
Early 1980's
This was one of the first identifications used by the TV8 Network (made up of GLV10 Gippsland, BCV8 Bendigo and STV8 Mildura). It used local scenes from around the area.
647KB Boating
Early 1980's
This capture is from an ID used by BCV8 Bendigo in the early 1980s.
All audio-visual items available for download on this webpage remain copyright of Southern Cross Broadcasting.
Thanks to Andrew Bayley for these early Southern Cross logos, and Michael Costello and James Patterson for these IDs.