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Southern Cross Ten
TNQ Regional Television

TNQ7 Townsville began on 1 November 1962, while FNQ10 Cairns began on 7 September 1966.
In 1982 they became known as NQTV. NQTV was planning to be the Nine affiliate after aggregation in late 1990. NQTV had a write-in competition for their name and logo. The name QTV was chosen and because of the Nine affiliation the Nine dots were put on the logo. Viewers didn't like the logo, so they changed the logo to one sent in from the competition.
Days before aggregation WIN Television bought out a rival station, automatically giving them the Nine affiliation. QTV went along with the id chosen by the write in competition and the Ten affiliation.
Telecasters North Queensland became part of the TEN Group Consortium around 1992/93, which led to the QTV name being dropped in favour of Ten Queensland in 1993. The station used generic Network Ten IDs.
In 2001 Telecasters was bought out by Southern Cross Broadcasting, and in 2002 SCB changed the name of all their Ten affilate stations (including Ten Queensland) to Southern Cross Ten.
As part of the Southern Cross Broadcasting rebrand of all its media assets to the new Southern Cross star logo, all Southern Cross Ten stations adopted the new blue and gold logo on Sunday, 14 August 2005.

The Place To Be
This was the last local ID used by QTV before it joined the TEN Group Consortium and was rebranded the same as Network Ten. The ident featured local scenes with music and then the short QTV animation at the end.
755KB Long
This ident is a version of the then current Nine Network ID, as QTV was then expecting it would gain affiliation with Nine after aggregation. However, QTV's rival Star TV was bought out by Win Television just days before aggregation, which automatically gave them the Nine affiliation. So QTV had no choice but to drop the Nine ID and replace it with the one above. In turn, once Win started up they were really using the same ID QTV had been using just days before, but with the word 'WIN' next to the 9 dots instead of 'QTV'. Confused? Imagine being a viewer at the time!
341KB Generic
Late 1980's
The Place To Be
This ident features local scene's in-between the two NQTV animations (1st shot, start animation, middle shots, end animatation).
333KB 30 secs
840KB Anniversary
Late 1980's
The Place To Be
This ident shows a local scene when going through the rainbow, then turns into the NQTV logo. This ident has the same music tune as the ident below.
222KB Generic
Late 1980's
The Place To Be
These idents have the same music as the ident above.
212KB Daytime
218KB Space

All audio-visual items available for download on this webpage remain copyright of Southern Cross Broadcasting.
Thanks to Andrew Bayley for the QTV logos, and Michael Costello for these idents.