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Southern Cross Ten
NRN Northern Rivers Television

RTN8 Lismore began on 12 May 1962, while NRN11 Coffs Harbour began on 23 January 1965.
NRN11 merged with ECN8 Taree, but ECN8 broke off. Sometime before 1975, RTN8 and NRN11 merged, and sometime after that it was re-named NRTV. It served the Richmond-Tweed area of the far north coast of NSW, and the Grafton-Kempsey region of the mid north coast of NSW.
On the 31 December 1991 (aggregation), NRTV expanded to cover all of northern NSW.
In 1993 Telecasters Australia acquired the station, and in August 1994 changed the name to Ten Northern NSW. Idents for the station then changed to the regular Network Ten ones.
In 2001 Telecasters was bought out by Southern Cross Broadcasting, and in 2002 SCB changed the name of all their Ten affilate stations (including Ten Northern NSW) to Southern Cross Ten.
As part of the Southern Cross Broadcasting rebrand of all its media assets to the new Southern Cross star logo, all Southern Cross Ten stations adopted the new blue and gold logo on Sunday, 14 August 2005.

This was the last local identification of NRTV before Telecasters rebranded the station in-line with Network Ten. The ID follows the 4 main stars in the Southern Cross, as they fall from the sky and fly into the TV to create the letters NRTV. Some very nice computer graphics in this ID, however ending with the NRTV logo on a rather bland black background.
700KB RV9 Generic
All audio-visual items available for download on this webpage remain copyright of Southern Cross Broadcasting.
Thanks to Andrew Bayley for these early NRTV logos, and Adam Petro for encoding this NRTV ident.